Get ready and get out of the closet! The post-pandemic moment may raise doubts, but it is necessary to think about how to survive

Hi guys! 

Today my invitation is for you to come out of the closet.

First of all, let’s stop for a moment and realize, once and for all, that the normality that we will find in the post-pandemic period, is no longer the same that we left when this process started. After all, nobody needs to be futuristic or have a crystal ball to understand that some of the changes that are happening had already started. Remote work, distance learning, consumers charge more sustainable corporate responsibilities. All of this was already happening, but the pandemic accelerated and intensified. 

First of all, for you to build up courage and come out of the closet, it’s time to explore some of the trends that are here to stay and will continue regardless of the pandemic.

The first item and we talked about it some time ago, is co culture (there’s a post about it. See here ). 

In the scenario of uncertainties we live, not knowing what will happen next week, businessmen and entrepreneurs have to invest in transparency with both employees, suppliers or customers. From there, it is possible to develop a strategy to get out of the crisis, this is a bit of an example of the culture of collaboration. 

In addition, it is important to emphasize that empathy is not just putting yourself in the other’s shoes. More than that: seek to understand why people are acting that way, feeling one way and how they are guiding their actions. For this reason, the practice of this initiative even changes the way we communicate. See how good it can be that we come out of the closet !?

The co-culture scenario is not restricted to the work situation.

It is also true for our personal life. We have been discussing a lot about the new family constitution and the importance that each one of us has in the configuration of foundations that allow these children – who are our future, to have this already in their veins. It is important that they can, throughout life, not lose empathy. 

And when we have empathy combined with transparency, we can understand what our network is. Place the points of challenge, strength and potential. Our next step is 100% connected with this subject. 

Rethink the logic of consumption.

Currently, our consumption is shared. In other words, this story of keeping something of yours is over, since you will not use 100%. Even more: that behavior of buying over and over is demodé (out of fashion). This intensifies more and more and must continue. 

Therefore, companies need to think much more. What used to be insistent selling has lost its meaning. More and more companies must be aware of the value that the company offers to the consumer. What kind of transformation in life will be made and consumed at that moment? What is the impact on everyday life? 

Another important point is the logic of reconfiguring space at work.

This took time to happen. I have been in this market for 6 years, but I have at least 9, which I evaluate about the restructuring of the workspace, to format so that there are no closed rooms, with horizontal positions and that no one has a specific table. 

Even more: with an amount of workstation that is not enough for all employees at the same time. Exactly because I was already thinking about a home office style. Now, finally, companies have realized that, perhaps, it is not necessary to have a large investment in a space that gathers people, in addition to charging to hit the spot with the super rigid and verticalized control.

The production logic has changed. Some companies, including those that need people coming and going at the same time, will have to rethink their logic in order not to have crowded spaces. And in this respect, the coworking niche, mainly, will have to rethink the business.  

In remote work, for example, there is no point in thinking that just put the computer and send the guy home that everything will work. There are logics for the work to develop. That is, tools, basic tips to maintain productivity, communication and not to lose the relationship with people. 

Let’s talk a little about the reconfiguration of retail spaces.

Go back to time now: do you remember the time on TV that business of buying on TV? Yeah. But now the wave is to buy through streaming services. This is all because retail stores are managing to go through a reinvention process to understand how to make this experience online and to have experiences with the brand. 

This is much more than just going there to be able to make a business transaction. It is the reconfiguration of retail to understand what is on and offline. After all, the experience becomes more complete, in a path of no return, increasingly accelerated. 

Last, but not least, we need to think about the logic of education, which requires challenges and strength to maintain engagement. New technologies are launched every day and it is necessary to be open to absorb this new knowledge and adapt quickly.  

So, in closing, I hope you are thinking about the post-pandemic moment. Remember that the world is not over yet and that the reality that we will encounter is different. Get ready and get out of the closet!

Good news 

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However, unfortunately, we will not be able to serve everyone. The vacancies are often limited and we decided to conduct a selection process. It is necessary to answer a quick form for us to understand what your vibe is and if it has a connection with ours. But calm down! It’s all done very quickly! Between 24 and 48 hours, we will already have an answer. 

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About the author

Juliana Guimarães  is a paulistana at heart and a brasiliense with a card, she actively participated in the process of accelerating the entrepreneurial movement in our square. Specialist in transforming ideas into viable businesses, she is co-founder of  55Lab.co , which was born as 4Legal, the first coworking in Brasilia, responsible for attracting the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region.

In addition, contributes to the article:  Suênia Dantas .


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